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We’re the handyman you can trust.

Sometimes, it can feel like there are a million home improvement projects on your to-do list. To make things even more overwhelming, it can even feel like this list grows faster than you can check off different projects. If you feel like your home is falling apart and you need help tackling all those home repair and home improvement projects eating up your weekend, it’s time to hire a handyman you can trust.

Handyman in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At GM Enterprise Inc., we’re here to make taking care of your home easier. As a handyman here in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, we can tackle nearly any project you have on your to-do list. Whether you need someone to power wash your patio, restore your deck, paint your home, repair your drywall, install a new door, or something else, we can take care of the project. Our capabilities as a handyman are nearly unlimited, so you can hand your entire home improvement checklist over to us.

What are some benefits of hiring a handyman over trying to DIY everything? For starters, you’ll save time and can dedicate your free time to your family, interests, and hobbies. Second, you can make sure that all those projects on your list are done correctly and thoroughly, so you won’t have to go back and redo them a few weeks or months later.

Hire a handyman to make your life easier and free up your busy schedule. To learn more about the handyman services we provide or to set up an appointment with us, contact us today.